Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Maybe someone of you know that ROME is my city.
Have you ever tried to go there bicycling?! is incredible.
Cartraffic like India and streets made of stones.
The same streets they used to have during the roman Empire.
Yes this should be a nigthmare but for someone here comes the Fun.
And here comes the braves:
Simone, Mauro, Giuliano, Freddy, Azzurra e Michela are pushing everything forward.
They organized every Tuesday evening for tricks.
Their forum, blog, and website are pretty young, not so much post goin'on.
But if you wanna ride that city now you know where to go.
And some bikepolo is even goin on. check RomaBikePolo.


  1. Grazie per la segnalazione :P

    ma sti fissati romani? me li ero persi alla grande per i meandri della città eterna (e dell'interwebz!).

    Daje, pigliate le mazze e venite a giocà,
    Sarà un piacere :D

  2. Presto inizierà il bello.
    E' saremo on-line!!!!!!
    Patata torna presto!!!!