Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Monday, September 28, 2009


Pronti tutti per la venue di Sabato 3 Ottobre a Fano
al circuito ciclistico "E.Marconi" (pista Zengarini) alle 15.00.
Si parte con l'alley su percorso misto di circa 45 Km a seguire cena e BP.
Location, pernottamento e vitto veramente competitivi,
il resto delle info su fixedforum.it.


Some image from the CMWC 2009.
Today out the Official Results.
Some really good news directly from Tokyo:
The winner for the girl main race is Swedish.
Is called JoJo and seems to be the best.
The men's winners:
1st Juri
2nd Sino
3rd Porno

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


What Else?!


Maybe someone of you know that ROME is my city.
Have you ever tried to go there bicycling?! is incredible.
Cartraffic like India and streets made of stones.
The same streets they used to have during the roman Empire.
Yes this should be a nigthmare but for someone here comes the Fun.
And here comes the braves:
Simone, Mauro, Giuliano, Freddy, Azzurra e Michela are pushing everything forward.
They organized every Tuesday evening for tricks.
Their forum, blog, and website are pretty young, not so much post goin'on.
But if you wanna ride that city now you know where to go.
And some bikepolo is even goin on. check RomaBikePolo.


We have bag in 3 different sizes:
The Small size is not for Polipo.

For more info e-mail me.

And now some pictures

Monday, September 21, 2009


The FIXED GEAR guys are doing well in STCLM.
The Bike-polo meeting every sunday evening is a good chance even to improve other skills.
Don't You think?!
So Mårten can Apply his big bike expertise.
Sure the FAST STRAPS are more then helpful.

RIDING IN CIRCLE (new..)TRICKFRAME(...coming soon)

Goal after Goal here we are with this NEW FRAME by RnC.
Everything really new shaped.
You can compare with every frome like this all around the world,
The TRICK frame is light, solid, versatile, and can be easily equiped with all the standard stuff ( Bottom Bracket, Hubs etc. ).
And you can do more, with tyres till 700x37mm, rake to 32mm, English BB thread
And in fact allow you to bar spin with the 700c, NO PROBLEM.
And the prices will be something incredible.
just write back to RnC or stay tuned on this blog for more news.
More images below...
the New fork and the new shape of the frames are more then just following the last standards.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

How to use a BELT BAG

Some people ask me more about the BBag. Here you can find all the answers!

How can so much stuff fit on this ComfortableFancyToughLittleBlack Bag?!
here you are... follow the gif movie above to got the answer.

For the ones that need that bag in Stockholm is also available at ODD NUMBER.
A fantastic shop for bikes and clothing at Torsgatan 40. Obviously Stockholm.

POLIPO x 5PW again..

Due to the increasing requests This LIMITED EDITION bag is on my way again.
People go crazy about 5 preview, and in this new edition almost nothing is changed:
A big silk screen of "WHAT EVER", vinyl everywhere and just 1 pocket less!
cause less is more.
To buy it go here or send me an e-mail for more info.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


If you want a POLIPO, and you need it fast, and you like it basic,
just decide the colors! go here.
thanks to bigcartel oreder a bag or some accessories ( BeltBag or Straps now in stock!)
is easy and fast.
Fallow the link on the right side of the page.


Triyng always to find something new improving the way we can race a bicycle we have made this
Special Straps.
easy to assemble and ready for everykind of pedal this double straps allow you to ride without toe-clips on!
They are really stiff and durable.
No more shoes wasted by that old straps with rusty iron on it,
And your bike will always be ready to be switched and become a trick monster.
For more info e-mail to: polipobag@gmail.com

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Polipo and DIFISSO togheter.
We have made a limited edition series of double colored BAGS and BELT BAGS.
Everythings come to you with the unmistakable wave characteristic of Difisso frames.
And all the colors of the international bicycle championship .
Ask how to obtain this incredible series.

Sunday, September 13, 2009


New in stock at TANDEM, the best fixed-gear shop in Stockholm!
This fabolous store is going on vacation at the end of next week, but
the website will remain open all winter long to bring you all the best
Russell and Oliver can do.


The second Collection of POLIPO is ready to bring to you all new stuff,
New Bags ( More inside, less outside! and new model),
New Accessories ( the special Belt bag, and the upcoming Straps!),
New Shops all Around Europe
and Collaborations (...)!
So stay connected for more infos.