Thursday, February 25, 2010

FAST STRAPS - a few instructions -

I made the FAST STRAPS really simple to install:
what you need is a pedal with some 2cm wide hole.
Start inserting the straps in the holes from the same side of the pedal axle (A.).
The straps is now reversed, so it should be with the label below.
Be sure the fish tail is as closest as possible to the pedal axle (B.).
Then insert the straps in the buckles as shown by the arrows (C.).
Now be even sure to tighten the buckles to the pedal by the straps. Really tight!

Now push the 2cm softvelcro straps to the low 5cm hardvelcro strap (is the one without label) (D.).
Try to shape the FAST STRAPS around your feet when your feet is already inserted between the pedal and the straps.
Close the 5cm hardvelcro strap ( the one with the label ) (E.).

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